Korech Sandwich



Spend the Sederim and/or meals during the Week with Chabad at UVa!

All meals take place at Chabad House--Free for Students (Donations always graciously accepted)

Weekly Dinners Available by RSVP ONLY

Space and funds are limited. Before inviting friends as a "cultural experience" which is always encouraged—please inquire as to which night would be best. Thanks!!

Adults $36/Children $18/Students FREE-Seder

Weekly Dinners $18/meal— Students Free 


Year or affiliation to Cville (if grad student please indicate which grad school of study):




I am signing up to attend:

Seder I Friday April 19th  8:00pm

Seder II Saturday April 20th 9:00pm

 Sunday Dinner April 21st 6:00pm

 Monday April 22nd Dinner 6:00pm

 Tuesday April 23rd Dinner 6pm

 Wednesday April 24th BBQ 6pm

 Thursday DinnerYom Tov April 25th 7:30pm

 Friday-Shabbat April 26th Dinner 8:00pm

 Meal of Moshiach April 27th(last meal) 7:00pm



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