passover2024.pngPassover Seder & Meals 2024

Monday April 22nd(sundown)-Tuesday April 30th (sundown) 

 Chabad House will be offering warm, family style Sederim, holiday lunches and dinners during the week. RSVP please.!

+Seders are free to undergrad & graduate UVA students/ $54 Suggested Donation for others

+Haggadot/Seder will be Conducted in English

+All meals are non-dairy & gluten free except the matzas 

+ All meals will be at Chabad on Alderman Road —you may take them to go or to stay

+Due to Space limitations non Jewish friends are asked to join us at a less busy time than the Seder. We can make arrangements if you reach out we would love to welcome you! 





 Undergrad or Graduate Student?  Year of Graduation  

What Program if Grad?  Other 

Please Check the box of the Meals you are signing up for: 

1.  Seder Night 1 —Brisket Seder Monday April 22 7:45pm

2. Seder Night 2—Brisket Seder Tuesday April 23 8:30pm 

3.  Wednesday Schnitzel & Stir Fry Dinner April 24th 5-7:00pm

4.  BBQ Thursday BBQ April 25th (Hot dogs, Hamburgers, wings chicken, potato salad, Guacamole, Cole slaw) 5-7pm @ Chabad Alderman

5.  Shabbat Dinner  Friday April 26th  7:45pm

6.  Saturday Dinner- April 27th  5-7pm Beef & Veggie Stew

7.  Sunday Yom Tov Festive Dinner—Roast & Salad, & Baby Dill Potatoes April 28th  7:45pm

8.  Monday Yom Tov Festive Dinner—Sweet & Sour Meatballs April 29th 8:30pm 

9. Meal of Moshiach -Passovers Mystical Last Meal —Food, Dessert, Singing Tuesdat April 30th 7:00pm


I understand signing up for meals is a considerable costs and I will let Chabad know by email, text or DM that I will not be able to make it 24 hours in advance. Thank you!