Passover 2021


This year will be DIFFERENT from all other years! But there are many ways to celebrate with Chabad this year:

1. Order a Seder to Go Kit: This will include a Seder Plate, Haggadah and Matza. Pickup will be Friday March 26th 12-5pm.

$36 for Non-Students

$18 for Students—TO BE RETURNED TO YOU UPON PICKUP—This is to ensure none goes to waste as these are precious resources!

Venmo @Channa-Mayer or Cashapp $channamayer 

2. Socially Distanced Seder: We will have limited spaces for an outside Seder on our covered patio with heaters. 

3. Eat some Shmurah Matza: I'd love an opportunity to eat some handbaked Shmurah Matza. Please be in touch with me to pick some up!

4. Campfire BBQ Wednesday March 31st 6pm--Drive by and grab a hot dog or hamburger. Lots of guacamole to smother on everything!

Fill out form below and let us know how you'd like Chabad to help YOU have a HAPPY, HEALTHY & KOSHER PASSOVER!



Student? . If so what year or Program?  

Please Check the box of the Program you are signing up for: 

1.  Seder To Go (to reserve please send your deposit to above venmo

2. Socially Distanced Seder I 8:30pm Saturday March 27th

2a.  Socially Distanced Seder II  8:30pm Sunday March 28th

3. Shmurah Matzah

4. Campfire BBQ

Other ways we can help you have a great Passover!