Medical Stays & Visitors



Dear Visitor,



Whether your stay in Charlottesville is for pleasure, personal medical treatment or as a support for someone undergoing treatment, we want you to know that we are here to help where at all possible. The following info should help you navigate the Jewish resources here in Charlottesville:



Hospital stays/Bikkur Cholim Suite at Chabad —Chabad House built a brand new facility with a handicap accessible suite to be used primarily for those visiting Charlottesville to use the UVa medical center and their families. Please only use email to reserve this space. We are happy to provide home-cooked meals for you during your medical stay. 



Mikvah —Chabad house does have a Mikvah. Please ONLY text Channa at 434.825.5575



Kosher Food —Trader Joes has chicken, challah, and wine. Wegmans has deli meat and some pre packaged ready-made foods like blintzes. We do not offer catering to travelers.



Minyanim —There are currently no daily or Shabbat minyanim at Chabad House. Richmond will be your closest alternative. We do have High Holiday services. PLease see calendar.